When the device was introduced in Japan, the the hitachi magic wand was designed to relax sore muscle groups even while eliminating stress. Later on re-named the Magic Wand Original, this object was marketed as a device intended for sexual excitement. Later on, Hitachi was adamant the gadget was specifically designed for healthcare functions, yet people persisted to advertise this product as a unit for the purpose of sexual pleasure. As a result, the corporation elected to stop selling the Magic Wand back in 2013. Vibratex convinced Hitachi to alter its decision, however, which is currently being sold as the Magic Wand Original, though with Hitachi not showing up at any place on the wrapping. This gadget can nevertheless be utilized as a restorative electric powered massager, because it will help to relax and soothe sore nerves and muscles whilst alleviating tension, as reported by many.

In addition, quite a few athletes find the product to be useful while they magic wand original hv-260 after a trauma. Its acceptance, nonetheless, is based on the undeniable fact that it is now a cultural symbol, brought up in TV programs, in periodicals and also newspaper reports and more. Scientists have studied the benefits of making use of the massager like a sexual aid and discovered it will do the job. On the other hand, research studies on its advantages for sore muscle groups are less compelling, hence ladies needing a new sensual device might wish to try out the Magic Wand Original, yet those in need of relief of pain may want to start looking in other places. Check it out right now to find out what you think. It’s possible you’ll fall in love with it. No one knows.